Ban Him Horizon Zero Dawn Text Datapoint

To: Kenny Chau
From: Harris Bonner Subject: Ban him!!!


I get it, okay? I really do. Faro is Firebreak's patron, Blevins is Faro's lapdog, circle of ass-kissing, blah blah blah. But if you allow Blevins to remain on site, installation is going to take twice as long as we're budgeted for. And I don't know how deep Firebreak's pockets are, but I can guarantee you they're not bottomless.

We've just got done recalibrating the entire fleet! The entire fleet, Kenny! Why, I imagine you're wondering? Oh, Kenny, I'm so glad you hypothetically asked. Blevins was unhappy with the baseline behavioral routines of the security drones (you know,the ones he selected himself?). Not aggressive enough, he said. I doubt a Rottweiler mounted on an ICBM would be aggressive enough for him.

So we patched in some combat behaviors (which, let me tell you, was not easy), basically outfitted these things for war. Think about that, Kenny. Bleeding-edge combat drones patrolling an empty wilderness. All so Blevins can play army on Firebreak's dime.

I'm begging you, Kenny. Find a way to bar him from the hangar. Please.