Last Girl on Earth Horizon Zero Dawn Text Datapoint

Dear Nobody.

The autocars are on their way. Mine will take me to my apartment in Cody. Hers will take her to the vertiport. She brought her luggage with her to work today. Everything she owns packed into two little suitcases. She's wearing the fanciest outfit I've ever seen her in. "It's for mom," she said. "She bought me this outfit, if you can believe it. Normally. Like, who cares, but... I don't know. she's already dealing with a lot."

We walked through the dam today, listened to all these tapes. read all these messages. And maybe this is one of those "sign my yearbook, we'll never lose touch things, but I'm not scared of losing Laura anymore.

We're family. We didn't inherit each other or settle on each other,
we chose each other. No amount of distance, no number of jerks in bad suits or obsequious robots, are going to tear us apart. So Listen: on the off chance that someone ever actually does stumble onto these things, here's the truth. There was this band called Concrete Beach Party. And for a second, it was the best band the world. And you, whoever you are, are really, really lucky. Because you're the only person who ever got to hear them.

See you never,
The last girls on earth