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That Kiss Horizon Zero Dawn Text Datapoint

Frozen Wilds Text Datapoints - Quests Must have been sometime in the spring of 2047, about six months after the main facility opened. We were behind schedule and new data indicated that an incident was close, maybe only weeks away. I was exhausted, losing weight, barely speaking except to give orders. I passed by Anita in the battery depot. She looked at me and frowned, then pulled me into this room and kissed me. A long kiss, the best kind. I can still remember the feel of her hand on the back of my neck. After, she looked at me and smiled, and went back to work without saying a word. I'll never forget that moment. Her touch, her unspoken generosity. After she left the project. I spent years beating myself up for not keeping her, somehow. Every time I ran into her at a conference, I felt thrilled and lost and confused, all at the same time. Always hoping we might have a few drinks and... well, rekindle.It was only after I saw her onstage in a holo in "58, accepting the MindCh

Pigment Horizon Zero Dawn Datapoint