Olins journal Horizon Zero Dawn Text Datapoint

Scanned Glyphs 4TH DAY I am a traitor now and see no way out. If I start at the beginning - how they turned me - perhaps I can see something I missed? No. There is no escape. What good can writing it do? 10TH DAY You gave me this folio when you taught me to write. All these years later, it still smells of you- lavender and ash of the forge. All I have left of you. Write me notes, you said when you gave it. Share your thoughts - tear the leaves, send the pages. To show I'm thinking of you. But I never did. Hands too grubby to touch parchment. 15TH DAY The same dream. Your hair in the forge-light, our son's weight on my shoulders. All of us free. You turn to me and whisper - it is a dream. I answer - Yes, I know. And then wake. Alone. Even awake my life is a dream - a lie. My treachery will not buy your freedom. It only buys time. But every moment you live, that he lives... if treachery is the cost, I will pay it. 34TH Day Every week the device calls me in secret to a new dig s

The banuk Horizon Zero Dawn Text Datapoint

 Scanned Glyphs A Guide to Ban-Ur and the Banuk by the Well-Traveled Aram Ah, the Sun shines golden on these times, where one can experience the whole world without leaving the streets of Meridian-- for the gates are thrown open, and the world comes to us! And yet, as I walked among the markets, I heard a question on the air again. What to make of the Banuk, these stoic, silent northern hunters? These men and women of the ice? Unfortunately for my investigations, Banuk outlanders seldom remain in Meridian long enough for exhaustive study-- it is believed their cold blood does not take well to the heat. If I was to seek this knowledge, I would have to undergo the ordeal of taking up travel pack and quill, and journeying to their homeland. And so it came to be that I spent a miserable time living among the Banuk in frigid Ban-Ur. Though the Banuk speak of their territory in reverent tones, put plainly it is the most uncomfortable place in the world. There is beauty-- soaring glaciers o

Legendary Hunt Horizon Zero Dawn Text Datapoint

Scanned Glyphs Legendary Hunts of the Lodge In the summer of the fourth year of the reign of the Sun-King Marzid, did Farukawas, Sunhawk of the Lodge, behold a herd of Grazers so vast that it filled entire the vale below the Farback. His bow was a harp that day, strumming the melody of the hunt from noon to twilight; after, one could not walk a single step across the glen without tripping on an antler of the fallen. It took all seven Hawks and all seven Thrushes to gather the trophies, and with the bounty from their barter, the last wing of the Lodge was raised. In the winter of the seventh year of the reign of the Sun-King Hivas, did Darusiv, Hawk of the Lodge, stalk a herd of Tramplers from Sandwhisper Valley to the foothills of the Palereach. Bombs from his sling fell as hailstones, freezing his prey and the waters of the ford. While the others stood as statues in ice, Hivas set upon the largest, driving his spear between its plates and taking his trophy before the rest could even